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Changing perceptions of the traditional Contact Centre.

It’s still rare for companies to be seen to be investing in their Customer Care centres, despite the increasing value these add to brands. ASOS recognise that their customers expect ‘on-demand’ care and use different channels to get in touch. They appreciate that technology is constantly evolving and can be used to better support customers. ASOS needed to support their own people with a work environment that would allow them to grow and achieve their aim to be the most effective Contact Centre in Europe. Spacelab’s motto is ‘Unlocking space. Empowering people.’ We, therefore, were the right partner to support ASOS to achieve this vision and put people at the heart of the design.


We’ve delivered a space that embraces digital technology and the agile ways of working that it affords. It has been opened up to increase visibility and light across its expanse, as well as reflect their transparent and collaborative culture. We positioned the different types of spaces and circulation routes, including a new staircase, to encourage people to move and interact.

A new-build entrance and four-storey infill has increased the net internal area to better accommodate communal and wellbeing facilities without impacting the business’ ability to grow in the same space.

We’re currently also working with ASOS to roll out this workplace concept to their other offices. We’ve created a new space for their Paris office and are currently on site at their London HQ.

"Amazing people create exceptional customer experiences. At ASOS Customer Care, creating a digital Contact Centre that is both functional and an exceptional working environment is no easy task. However, we have been in the very capable hands of Sanel at Spacelab who has surpassed the expectations of the team and created a truly unique space which we are proud to work in."

Stuart Concannon,
Director of Customer Care

Terri Butler-Lee,
Head of Customer Care



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