Meet Laurie - January's 'Most Valuable Player'

By Tom Dobbins on 6 February 2019

Meet Laurie, January’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ (MVP)!

Common themes arise when the committee gathers to look over the MVP votes each month. A vote for someone who has stepped up to help a project that is going through tough deadlines always seems to appear. A designer voting for a long standing team member is a regular occurrence. There’s also the monthly vote for a new Labber, showing how great it is to see yet another amazing individual fit so seamlessly into our lovely, talented lab. However, just as reliable as all of these are votes for Laurie Goodman - our researcher extraordinaire - whose relentless work ethic and inventiveness have been an ever-present over the last few years at Spacelab.

In the past months Laurie has been involved with several projects, producing engaging presentations and offering vital insight into some fantastic designs. Commended by her team for the way she interacts and collaborates with clients and team members alike, Laurie has held a significant role in the recent redevelopment of the research team, helping new faces settle in while simultaneously bringing new ideas to the table. Standing up for what she believes in is one of the things that Laurie does best, using her vast knowledge and contagious personality to challenge accepted norms and bring thoughtful discussions to the projects she influences.

Here's what a few of the voters had to say about Laurie:

“Laurie is so smart, her knowledge knows no bounds.”

“Smart, hard working and always willing to help. Makes teamwork so easy.”

“Laurie has jumped into everything with real enthusiasm and creativity, thinking up new techniques and software we can use with our clients. She has worked closely with the designers, bringing real value with her consultancy and spatial insights. And, she's always very real!”

“She gets involved in everything, has taken on so much more than her traditional role, remained positive through all changes, addresses and tackles new challenges in smart, methodical ways rather than just having a moan when things don't work out.”

“For her enthusiasm, will to learn, and just being amazing.”

"Her work on a recent project was just inspiring.”

“Took on a new way of working with gusto, whilst challenging elements of it and being 'real'. An excellent team player.”

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