Most Valuable Player - May

By Katie Mitchelmore on 6 June 2018

Meet Tom, May's 'Most Valuable Player' (MVP)!  

Each month we all nominate one person from the team that we feel has best demonstrated our five values: real, together, dynamic, visionary and smart. A panel of randomly selected judges then get together to discuss the nominations and decide who they think deserves a special treat!

So what makes our Tom such a worthy winner? Since joining us last year as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant, Tom has consistently demonstrated his enthusiasm, creativity and talent on every project he's worked on, including Goodwood's March Grandstand and The Stack. Always willing to go the extra mile and help out wherever he can, there's no doubt that he's a much loved member of the team and a thoroughly deserving winner!  

Here's what a few of the voters had to say about Tom:

"I nominate Tom for all his help and support on a recent project, making stressful days a lot more relaxed and working late nights enjoyable. Going the extra mile with a great attitude, nothing is ever too much trouble and he's a real positive presence to be around..."

“So easy and funny working with Tom! He's very interested and brings creative ideas to the project. Always very relaxed and with his dry humor that make everything easier to deal with even on tight deadline days.”

"He is very committed and always ready to help. Always in a good mood with a smile."

"For all the reasons I've voted for him before, he really deserves to be recognised. He is very talented, creative and committed. He is really fun to have around and makes the day by day work flows much easier and lighter."

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