Meet Sophie - October's 'Most Valuable Player'

By Tom Dobbins on 7 November 2018

Meet Sophie, October’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ (MVP)!

If you were to wander into our office on any given weekday, you would most likely find a blonde-haired-surfer-looking-Kiwi working tirelessly and quietly at her computer, probably listening to some indie-folk or blues ballad, and most definitely with a black Chilly bottle perched safely upon her desk. This would be Sophie, one of The Lab’s longest-serving designers, whose involvement in making our office so special for so many years cannot be understated.

With lots of work and responsibility falling upon Sophie in recent months, her regular stream of MVP votes was significantly bolstered by the team waxing lyrical about her dedication and adaptability. However, we think it’s in the precious moments between the deadlines that Soph really exhibits Spacelab’s core values. Whether using her dry wit to dish out a sharp but hilarious retort, reminiscing about her beautiful homeland New Zealand to anyone who is (un)fortunate enough to be close by, or even lending a considerate ear to a friend in need, her unrelenting honesty and unrivaled friendship in the face of pressure has been well and truly phenomenal.

Here's what a few of the voters had to say about Sophie:

“Quietly gets on working super hard. Dynamically moves across projects as needed. Always supporting her team and putting projects first. Honest about what can be achieved and never afraid to ask a question. Conscientious - always aiming for 110% output”

“Has been so positive and hard working in the past months, really stuck into various projects!”

“Tireless work ethic and always performs a task with a wide smile on her face - The Lab wouldn't be what it is without her.”

“She's working on multiple projects and taking on more responsibility which she can absolutely handle. Shes knows what she's talking about when it comes to design and always wants the best outcome!”

“She's both creative and practical, and fantastic at planning spaces.”

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