Meet Trevor - July's 'Most Valuable Player'

By Katie Mitchelmore on 16 August 2019

Introducing July’s MVP… Trevor! 

Each month we all nominate one person from the team that we feel has best demonstrated our values. A panel of randomly selected judges then get together to discuss the nominations and decide who they think deserves a special treat.

So what makes our Trev such a worthy winner? Having been with us for the past four years, it’s hard to imagine the lab_ without Trev tucked away in his favourite booth. Despite having the busy task of managing the finances and dealing with all our money related questions, Trev has always got time for everyone, whether it’s dishing out personal financial advice to us all, discussing the latest football news, or just checking in to see how we’re all doing. 

He’s a man of many talents that go far beyond finance, and last year he surprised us all with his incredible video producing skills, shooting and editing our Christmas campaign video, ‘Miracle on Wenlock Road’, with Eugen.

Here’s what some of the voters had to say about Trev:

“He gets things done!”

“He works SMART - hey there's only one of him and loads of us to sort. REAL in the answer he delivers to our financial queries. Very TOGETHER the way he moves around the office keeping in touch with us all. DYNAMIC embracing new ways of doing money magic.”

“Because I love him! He always comes over for a joke, breaking the stress of my day and always makes me laugh. He is also always available whenever I have any doubts and need to talk to him. It's great to have him around!”

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