Spacelab at the Space Syntax Symposium

By Hannah Mellow on 17 July 2015

Spacelab were delighted to sponsor this week’s Space Syntax Symposium, the tenth biennial coming together of scholars, practitioners and students working on Space Syntax approaches to socio-spatial analysis and design.

Our Director of Research and Innovation, Kerstin Sailer, was kept busy all week, chairing keynote sessions and convening panels, as well as presenting some of her own research – using Hogwarts (of Harry Potter fame!) as a case study to highlight how we can understand school buildings in relation to social processes of learning and interacting. See her presentation here –

 Our Software Developer Petros Koutsolampros, who has been undertaking research on how Big Data can inform workplace design (through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with UCL) presented his paper (co-written with Kerstin, Ros Pomeroy and Rosie Haslem) as part of the Big Data session, and Spatial Analyst Dr Lusine Tarkhanyan chaired the Crime and Safety session, on how to design safer buildings, streets and neighbourhoods.



 All in all, a great conference, and a great opportunity to catch up with other alumni of the Space Syntax Laboratory. Now we’re looking forward to the 2017 Symposium in Lisbon! 

Topics: depthmap, data, conference, space, big data, data driven design, syntax