Putting practice into theory: Spacelab lectures at UCL

By Hannah Mellow on 5 February 2015

Since the start of the academic year, Spacelab consultants Ros Pomeroy and Rosie Haslem have both delivered guest lectures to an international group of Masters Degree students at UCL’s prestigious Space Syntax Laboratory, which is part of the Bartlett School of Architecture. Although the foundation of Spacelab’s approach to workplace analysis and design originated through UCL’s own academic research, the relationship is now much more of a two way street.

Spacelab throws up new data and insight into how people make use of space depending on configuration and design. For the students, it is an important part of their learning to understand how the theory can be applied to real world consultancy and design projects.

The first of the two lectures, based on the theme ‘Going beyond the Google office’, provided an introduction to the way workplace consultancy and design has been developed by Spacelab using an evidence-based approach to produce workspace that suits the specific needs of the organisation occupying it. The second focussed on how collaboration patterns in the workplace can be quantified and explained using Organisation Network Analysis (ONA).

Copies of the lecture materials are available here:

Workplaces for the Knowledge Economy (Going beyond the Google office theme)

Workplace Consultancy and Network Analysis

Topics: space syntax, evidence-based design, ucl, big data, spacelab, data driven design, university college london, lecture