Reducing stress in The Lab. Part 3: Be honest

By Katie Mitchelmore on 18 April 2019

We’ve already discussed the impact that knowing your purpose and having autonomy and freedom can have on us in the workplace. In part 3 of this series we take a look at how being honest and creating trusting relationships can have an impact on wellbeing and stress levels here in The Lab.

Keep it real

Positive relationships in life are pivotal to our wellbeing, and the workplace is no different. We’re always going to encounter challenging situations at work that are often beyond our control, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at times. But no one should ever feel like they have to suffer in silence. Here in The Lab, knowing that we can be open and honest about how we’re feeling with everyone in our team, and knowing that, no matter what, we’ll be supported, helps us to manage stress levels and feel more in control of situations. At The Lab, duvet days and self care are a top priority for any team members who are feeling mentally strained, for whatever reason at all.  

“When you’re feeling overwhelmed even the simplest of things often seem the most daunting, and bottling it all up only compounds the issue. Having honest, timely conversations and giving feedback is central to life in the Lab and is something we’ve all been working really hard on.

You don’t flip a switch into work mode as soon as you walk through the office door. We’re all real people, and acknowledging that and talking about the real stuff that we’ve got going on helps us to form open and honest relationships in The Lab.”

Sami, The Lab Foundation

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