Reducing stress in The Lab. Part 4: Limit emails

By Katie Mitchelmore on 24 April 2019

In the first three blogs of this five-part series, we discussed the positive impact that finding your purpose, having autonomy and freedom, and being honest can have on us in the workplace. In part four of the series we take a look at how limiting our use of emails can help reduce stress levels.

Limit emails

We know that we all need a break, we’re only human. Switching off from work - and emails - and allowing ourselves time to relax and refuel helps us to achieve that all important work-life balance, for both us and the people we work with. This is why we introduced our “8 til 8” initiative, where we don't email or message after 8pm, before 8am or on weekends. With smart phones and flexible working hours there is an increasing expectation to be responsive at all times, so this gives us, our team, and our clients the time to switch off and take a well-deserved break. We also encourage face-to-face conversations internally, as opposed to emails, to help reduce stress caused by a constantly building inbox.

“I turn off my emails after 8pm so that I don't hear my phone alerts when with family or friends in the evening. Before I started doing this, I'd read my emails out of curiosity and end up stressed and not being able to sleep very well, which made me tired the next day. I now don't turn alerts back on until I'm in the office as it helps make my morning routine much more relaxed, while being able to completely switch off in the hours I'm not at work improves my focus during the day.”

Ellie Winter, Interior Designer

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