Our 15 design predictions for the next 15 years

By Hannah Mellow on 15 March 2017
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It's the 15th of the month and as part of our 15th birthday celebrations we've asked 15 people in our interiors team to share their top design predictions for the next 15 years.

Anna Pizzey, Associate: "The rising cost of living in the UK will spark an increase in DIY, home-grown produce, agile working and home working. The office will become a central hub that people will dip in and out of. There will be no desks. It will be more like entering a large coffee shop. Better developed technology will allow people to be increasingly agile with work and life." 

Dorien Toebast, Senior Interior Designer: "Traditional roles are being challenged, design will be no longer clearly be defined as masculine and feminine. Design will be free by removing gender codes. In addition to this aesthetic statement, there will be large environmental steps taken in the future by using truly environmentally-friendly materials and products."

Jane Costin, Interior Designer: "As housing becomes increasingly more ridiculous to afford, I think smaller format, modular, flat-pack housing options are going to become more prominent and socially accepted. Imagine pitching in with a bunch of friends to buy an empty lot and plonking a bunch of these on it (https://kasita.com/). The flat-pack trend is focused towards fully-customisable designs. It would be so cool to see how each individual little home becomes more unique as the inhabitant lives and occupies the space over time."

Kat Sheridan, Senior Interior Desgner: "I hope that reusing existing interiors and components will become a big thing! When we consider how much is sent to landfill with each and every fit out, things have got to change – surely! At the moment, gaining a sustainable fit out is optional with BREEAM or SKA ratings but I envisage a more robust and compulsory set of legislation for a greener future."

Louise Willett, Senior Designer: "Hopefully in 15 years women will be better represented in various design fields and environmental concerns will be at the centre of everything we do – not at the periphery like is often the norm now."

Michael Beach, Interior Designer: "As the world moves to create more futuristic mass-produced design aesthetics and processes there will be a greater desire for design to reflect more traditional processes and end results."

Nathalia Emmi Asamura, Interior Designer: "I think in the future everything will be made using high technology (i.e. from a 3D printer) and renewable materials." 

Nathan Johnson, Associate: "As new generations come into the workplace with even more progressive ideas about the work / life balance, I predict workers will demand even more flexibility to fit their jobs around their lives, rather than the pre-prescribed work-to-live methodology. Technology will obviously play a massive part in this."

Nicole Allegri, Associate: "With brexit on the horizon, I see European furniture imports becoming more expensive and therefore British furniture designers becoming much more prominent. This could open up a big opportunity for British-designed furniture and products."

Pamela D'Alessandro, Interior Designer: "Virtual reality will be readily accessible and we won't need paper copies of plans, images, samples, etc. Designers will be able to convey spaces using all of our senses through virtual reality environments – bringing clients through all the design stages."

Raquel Sanchez-Ribas, Senior Interior Designer: "I think we'll see a move from 'rough' industrial finishes to more 'sleek' industrial finishes. I also think Terrazzo will come back into fashion."

Rebekah Webber, Interior Designer: "Design will be completely digital with developed augmented reality and visualisation software being at the forefront of how we communicate design."

Sanel Durmus, Interior Designer: "Something really radical…like tapping into your mind and transferring your design thoughts into a visual form! It’s all heading that way."

Sophie Norris, Interior Designer: "I predict you cannot predict anything."

Vyshali Sardesai, Associate: "Design will be the key to an integrated society and unless we harness the human element it will become an automated process which will eventually suck the soul out of creativity."


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