It's our 15th birthday!

By Hannah Mellow on 9 June 2017

On 10th June, exactly 15 years ago, Nathan Lonsdale and Andrew Budgen started a company that would go on to revolutionise the way people understand and use space. That company is Spacelab.

Here are 15 years in photos, documenting Nathan and Andy’s appearance on Channel 4’s Grand Designs for their first project (Westlake House in Peterborough), Spacelab’s fifth birthday, numerous Christmas parties, winning the BD Interior Architect of the Year Award, and some of the many fundraising and sporting events the team have been involved in over the years.

15th birthday.jpg

Today, we have 50 people in our Old Street office and we’re still growing. We continue to work with some of the same partners and clients that we worked with 15 years ago and are ever developing strong relationships with others. Our projects range from residential and mixed-use schemes to office spaces for clients working in media, retail, law, finance, technology, health, research and education.

And earlier this year we launched The Lab Foundation – to give back to communities and have an impact on the greater good. We donate 10% of our profits, in time and skills as well as cash, to housing, arts, education and social welfare projects that strive to empower individuals and communities.

“Why can't all people feel valued in the same way, whether they live in affordable housing or luxury flats? Why can't prisons rehabilitate? Why can't hospitals be hospitable? The Lab Foundation uses space as a tool for making that happen.”

Andrew Budgen, Founding Partner

So, what’s in store for Spacelab’s next 15 years? Nathan tells us:

"Over our next 15 years we'll be further raising awareness of the impact that space has on people. We'll continue to develop and refine our understanding of its impacts and hopefully more and more people will join us on our mission to create spaces that make people feel good and be great."

 Nathan Lonsdale, Founding Partner

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