What role can space play in ending homelessness?

By Sami Hamilton on 12 October 2018

Everyone should have a space to live, a place to call home, somewhere you are safe. Sadly in Great Britain this is far from reality, with over 236,000 experiencing the worst forms of homelessness.  

So earlier this month The Lab Foundation welcomed representatives from Crisis, a charity committed to ending homelessness, into The Lab for a workshop to explore exactly that. 

The workshop took the team on a journey from visioning through to explorations and discovery around the use of space and the role it can play in helping the team members and volunteers on the path to achieve Crisis’ mission.

Throughout the day three of our Labbers, Laurie, Michael and Sami, shared some of the processes and techniques that Spacelab use when exploring workspaces with clients, using different approaches and perspectives when understanding issues.  

We also benefited from the Crisis team sharing their knowledge and experience and learnt a huge amount about some of the challenges faced by homeless individuals, as well as the complexities and challenges faced by Crisis in delivering a service to end homelessness.

It was an honour to spend the day collaborating with the team from Crisis and we're looking forward to working with them more in the future. We'll keep you posted with any updates along the way.

The Lab Foundation is committed to using the resources we have available to help end homelessness. We want to be part of the solution and have been working with Crisis, the Single Homeless Project and Trussell Trust Foodbank in recent months to give our time and skills to help have an impact. If you are interested in finding out more about The Lab Foundation and future initiatives, or you would like to get involved, then just drop us a message at sami@thelabfoundation.co.uk.

Discover more about how to end homelessness in Great Britain and support the Everybody In campaign here:  https://www.crisis.org.uk/


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