How we're minimising our impact on the environment

By Katie Mitchelmore on 22 April 2018

We’ve always been driven by our purpose to make the world an even better place through whatever means we can, and as such our team of passionate Labbers are constantly on the lookout for ways we can minimise our impact on the environment.

Over the past year we’ve worked hard to change up some of our internal procedures to help us towards this goal. 

We reduced our printing by 76%

We’ve changed our whole approach to the way we work, from the way we design to the way we deliver. We now design and present almost entirely in virtual reality, enabling us to communicate a clearer design to our clients in a more efficient process. It also means that we no longer need to print out endless drawings and presentations, helping to contribute towards a 76% decrease in the amount we print out over a 4 month period, or the equivalent of 10.5 trees.

We switched our grocery supplier

For the past couple of years we’ve been getting all our grocery deliveries from the supermarket. Each week multiple plastic bags would turn up, each filled with seamlessly endless plastic packaging, with a few bits of fruit and vegetable nestled somewhere in the middle.

We started to realise just how how unnecessary and wasteful this was. So some of our Labbers decided it was time to make a change and started looking into a more sustainable option. We've now switched to a small local provider, who delivers all our groceries in cardboard boxes with not a single plastic wrapper in sight. The box is even returned to the provider to be used for the next order whilst supporting the little guy along the way.

We introduced a Cycle to Work scheme

The average commuter in London emits 1.3kg of CO2 per day which, based on a team of fifty working 260 days a year, adds up to 16,900kg CO2 each year from Spacelab alone. So in an effort to reduce these figures we teamed up with Evans Cycle to introduce the ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme. Our team can now choose from a selection of bikes and hire it for an agreed amount of time before snapping up the bike at up to 42% off the original value.

And how we're planning to reduce it further...

Plastic-free Mondays

We’ve already seen a significant decrease in the volume of plastic waste in The Lab, but we want to push this further. We want to create a movement to completely eliminate single-use plastic every Monday in The Lab. We hope that this will encourage us to make more active decisions to avoid single-use plastic not just on Mondays, but every day of the week. Our team of environmental Labbers are currently looking into how we can turn this idea into a reality and hope to kick-start ‘Plastic-Free Mondays’ later this year.

Switching to glass milk bottles

Over recent years the glass milk bottle is starting to make a comeback, and with good reason. A few of our Labbers have got together and decided it’s time to continue our purge on plastic and make the switch to glass bottle deliveries. We're currently talking to some of our local friends and suppliers to get them on board help create a demand for a glass milk round in the area. These bottles can then be collected and reused, helping keep our plastic footprint and general waste output to a minimum. 

We're always on the lookout for more ways we can reduce our impact on our lovely planet. If you have any suggestions then drop us a message! 

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