Spacelab's Greg Maya awarded Rogelio Salmona Fellowship

By Katie Mitchelmore on 7 June 2019

We’re thrilled to announce that our very own Greg has been selected for the annual Rogelio Salmona Fellowship! The programme, initiated by the British Council, gives UK-based designers and researchers the chance to travel to Colombia and explore the work of Rogelio Salmona, one of Latin America's most influential architects.

Having grown up in Bogotá Greg was surrounded by Salmona’s work, and became passionate about the way in which his work redefined the public realm and helped smooth social frictions. As Greg progressed in his career as an Architect and researcher, Salmona’s work became a constant reference for him, reshaping his approach to design.

So Greg will be heading over to Colombia later this summer, where he’ll get to explore the work of Salmona and combine on-site observations with spatial analysis of layout configurations. All to better understand human interactions.

We love to support our team in exploring projects and placements that they’re passionate about and help further develop them, not just in a work capacity but also as an individual. So we’re really excited for Greg that he’s been given this amazing and very well-deserved opportunity! 

The British Council chatted with Greg about the opportunity here

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