Virgin Care Private opens first Health and Wellbeing Clinic

By Katie Mitchelmore on 15 June 2018

Virgin Care Private have opened their first pay-as-you-go Health and Wellbeing Clinic in Birmingham city centre, aimed at helping people get well, feel good and achieve their health goals through a simple, accessible and fully joined up service.

They acquired a five storey listed terraced property, formerly used as offices, and appointed Spacelab to help develop their brand into a new environment. We carried out in-depth research, including interviews with doctors and various healthcare professionals, to develop a detailed picture of their needs and help inform the brief.

The building has been designed around the brand's objective to create a calm, homely and non-clinical environment, whilst maintaining the building’s character. The ground floor has been made fully accessible, featuring a reception area and one of five consultation rooms. Working with Me,Him&Her we developed inspirational quotes and graphics to help create a welcoming and relaxed environment, whilst successfully maintaining Virgin Care’s branding. 

Located on the first floor, the client lounge, referred to as the ‘Feel Good Space’, has been designed to make customers feel comfortable and at ease as soon as they walk in. Featuring free self-serving refreshments and in-built seating customers can grab a drink and relax or get some work done whilst waiting for their appointment. 

Natural materials, including timber, seagrass carpet and planting have been used throughout the building, helping create a calm and healthy environment. The result is a homely, welcoming and comfortable 'one stop shop' for health and wellbeing, that puts people and their wellbeing at the heart of the whole experience.

If you would like more information on the clinic or the services provided then click here




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