The Lab Foundation are now inspiring future generations

By Sami Hamilton on 19 June 2018
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We are all unique and ever-evolving, and the way we learn needs to compliment that. Learning is a lifelong adventure, an ever-changing and adapting pathway towards being our best and most fulfilled selves.

We believe that you need space to explore, grow and collaborate to find your passion. As part of the work of The Lab Foundation, we want to help bring our love for creativity and exploration to education, creating a conscious space to identify and nurture passions.

Last week saw Marian, Nicki and Sami (from Energylab, Spacelab and The Lab Foundation respectively) visit Lorreto School near Edinburgh to speak to a group of students about pathways to get into engineering, interior design and charity careers using the latest in design technology.

The young people experienced virtual reality, practical advice about how to get into the different industries, what's involved in the different careers and advice on creating a portfolio.

We’ve been delighted to hear that our visit has inspired a number of young people to consider careers within the creative industry.    

Next up The Lab Foundation will be collaborating with a number of local schools to deliver interactive workshops, helping to engage and inspire young people to get creative in the local community and help them along the pathway to discovering their passion.

The Lab Foundation is a fresh thinking, Community Interest Company (CIC) that creates spaces for people to thrive and grow. Driven by science, research insight and the profits of SpaceLab and UrbanLab, we deliver projects that are sustainable and enhance people's lives based on their needs. 

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