We're celebrating our team for international women’s day

By Hannah Mellow on 8 March 2017

With women making up 69% of our total team (up from 62% in December 2015), international women’s day is the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate all of the women shaping Spacelab, our clients’ businesses and the industry.

Our team of 32 women, with a variety of personalities, backgrounds, disciplines and ideals, each put their own unique stamp on everything we do. This creates the exact kind of dynamism and creativity that a company like ours values and is celebrated for.  

We’re also lucky to have a leadership team that reflects our female majority (64%). And we’re proud to say our ladies are also being recognised for their contributions to the wider industry:

Our Director of Interiors, Kara Wood, was listed as a ‘bright young thing’ by Mix Interiors and regularly contributes to the magazine.

Our Director of Workplace Consultancy, Rosie Haslem, was listed as one of the most influential people within the industry by OnOffice Magazine and a ‘future head’ by Mix Interiors. She is also a visiting lecturer at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL and is often invited to speak at leading industry events.

Our Senior Social Scientist, Dr. Lusine Tarkhanyan, is influencing future generations of architects and social scientists as a research associate and visiting lecturer at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

And although, in the UK, we lead the way in terms of gender equality in some respects - according to Catalyst1, the amount of women on UK boards has doubled since 2011 -  there is still a way to go. There are still around 65% of all boards with no female representation at all in UK businesses, despite findings that those that do perform better1.

At Spacelab, we are ‘unlocking space and empowering people’. And that’s all people. It is our team’s individuality and differences that contribute to our overall culture, insight and creativity. Our Interior Designer, Jane Costin, shares why women are a benefit to any workplace:

“I feel like women carry this negative connotation of being characteristically ‘emotional’. To me, being emotional is not a bad thing. Being emotional is our way of showing we care about the work we do.”

We think our incredibly talented and diverse team are all worth celebrating – men and women alike. 

1. Catalyst (2016) Women In The Workforce: UK: http://www.catalyst.org/knowledge/women-workforce-uk 

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