Iris - a dynamic space 'For the forward'

By Katie Mitchelmore on 22 February 2019

Split across several floors, advertising agency Iris’ workplace no longer reflected their work or supported their team and culture. They needed a space to create a strong first impression on visitors, inspire creativity and bring people together, allowing them to be a truly integrated agency.

Based on our in-depth research, we recommended a new home located right on the bank of the Thames. Spread across just one floor, the new space has completely transformed how they work as a company, with every detail designed to bring people together and support an agile way of working.

We’ve kept the floor open, with minimal internal partitions to maximise visibility across the space, resulting in a completely integrated, collaborative and dynamic environment with an infectious energy throughout.


All photos by Henry Woide.

Shifting the focus away from ‘the desk’, the team now have a choice of different workpoints, from the ‘creative hubs’ (a series of cubed booths for dedicated collaborative work) and touch down benches, to quiet spaces to support concentration. These have all been strategically positioned to encourage movement throughout the space, increasing chance interactions and contributing to the overall buzz.

The client journey has been carefully crafted from the moment they step through the door right up to arrival in the pitch room, which has been positioned to take full advantage of the panoramic views across the Thames. We’ve completely broken down the barriers between clients and the Iris team, giving clients full visibility into the inner workings of the business and allowing them to absorb the buzz of the space.  


Exposed features create an industrial feel, perfectly balanced with bespoke joinery and soft furnishings, creating a boutique, high-end and comfortable environment.

Dynamic and energetic, Iris now have a space that fully encapsulates their brand, culture, work and ethos of ‘For the forward’.

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