Meet Ashleigh - May's 'Most Valuable Player'

By Katie Mitchelmore on 11 June 2019

Introducing May’s MVP… Ashleigh! 

We have some truly amazing people here in The Lab so, as ever, the voting featured many deserving nominees. But there was one common theme that really stood out in the votes this time around - that this person was long overdue the coveted MVP title. Since joining us almost two years ago, Ashleigh has consistently applied her incredible work ethic, drive and dedication to everything she does here in The Lab. Always looking to help out wherever she can, she has grown so much in her skills and confidence in her own role. Not only this, but her straight talking ‘say it how it is’ approach keeps us all entertained on a daily basis, as well as being very useful .

There’s so much we could say about our Ashleigh, but the team really said it all with their votes below:

“I've said it before and I'll say it again!!! This person is a real pleasure to work with. She is diligent, hard-working, responsible, mature and a great team player. Keep up the great work!”

“Since she started here in The Lab she has grown so much, not only in her MEGA skills and confidence in her own role, but also in her real care for the Lab, and the people within it. She knows who she is and uses this to benefit everyone - sharing knowledge, skills and laughter on a daily basis. She is great at building real relationships with people to get better work done too: an absolute example to all of us. She's a funny little creature too - her love of stout and cheese knows no bounds, and the tale of her missing cheese will go down Lab history. Ashleigh for the win!”

“Extremely hard-working, remains calm even when faced with the difficult challenges, a great positive attitude. This girl is going places!"

“I have voted for this person before and I do so again because she has been SOLID ever since I have had the pleasure of working with her. Turning her hand to whatever challenge is required for any given project, no job is too big or small, a great collaborative attitude yet equally independent and responsible.”

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