Meet Charlotte - August's 'Most Valuable Player'

By Katie Mitchelmore on 25 September 2019

A big well done to last month’s MVP, Charlotte!

Having joined us last year there’s no doubt that Charlotte fully encompasses our core values and purpose, doing some seriously great and inspiring work whilst also keeping us all entertained on a daily basis. She brings her creativity, team spirit, incredible work ethic and seemingly endless knowledge to every project she takes on, all with a smile on her face. It's safe to say that the lab_ wouldn’t quite be the same without her!

Here’s what some of the voters had to say...

“Takes on each new project and smashes it! Couldn't have asked for a better person to work with - totally awesome.”

“Works so, so hard and always so happy, funny and smiley!”

“Insanely knowledgeable and so much fun to work with!! Totally freaking awesome.”

“She's constantly checking on people's happiness and she's approachable and always willing to go for a chat. The best thing of all is her ability to flatten down hierarchies. Top skill.”

“Creative, organised and brilliant to work with.”

“I don't know how she holds so much information in her head and then comes out with these amazing ideas that are exactly what we should be striving to achieve. She really embraces all the values without fail and has dealt with everything being thrown at her. Superwoman!”

“She's an amazing leader, she's across everything, is super smart, supportive and creative.”


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