Meet Claire - February's 'Most Valuable Player'

By Katie Mitchelmore on 5 March 2019

Meet February's (incredibly deserving) 'Most Valuable Player'... Claire! 

There’s so much we could say about Claire - her calmness, incredible work ethic, creativity, patience, positive outlook, can-do attitude (the list really does goes on and on) - but the voters summed it all up pretty perfectly with their comments below...

"She is somehow able to keep calm, stay fun, engage in everything, have time for everyone, do what needs to be done, give guidance, honest feedback, neutralise what could be sticky situations with calming kindness and smart solutions, see things from all sides, put others first AND still makes her project happen. And all with a smile. She is incredible, and an inspiration every single month. I think the Lab will wildly miss her when she goes off to bring what will probably be the coolest child ever into the world. I hope the panel considers her quiet pushing of the whole Lab ethos and values in EVERYTHING she does. She rocks."

“What can we say about this girl. Her strength, composure, positive attitude, commitment to change and a better way, kindness, support for her teammates and the wider team, let alone sheer talent and can do attitude. Truly one of a kind.”

“She has always got her chin-up and lovely in the face of adversity. To me, she captures the essence of what a Labber should be - always happy to help, always ready to learn and teach others, always a delight to see in the morning, and a great friend. She has been heading up the ASOS project and has been the unstoppable force to move the project along. She really is an MVP.”

“Always working so hard with a smile on her face - very knowledgeable and inspirational!”

“Such a lovely person who always makes everyone around her feel great! Works so hard and maintains such a positive attitude. Really loved working with her.”

“Always works so hard in such a calm manner - an inspiration!”

So a huge well done and big thank you to Claire for all of her hard work, dedication, and general loveliness! 

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