Meet Felicity - October's 'Most Valuable Player'

By Siobhan Canniffe on 7 November 2019

A big well done to last month’s MVP, Felicity!

Our Aussie girl, whose life motto is “your vibe attracts your tribe”, has been encompassing this mindset since she joined us in January. By living and breathing our shared values in everything she does, her vibe has certainly cemented her place in our tribe.   

Her journey has been a wild one so far; having joined as an interior designer, she later moved into design research because she sees "beauty and inspiration in the strategic data that leads to informed design solutions". As if this wasn't enough, Felicity soon found herself working across all of our disciplines, and recently she even became involved in helping to develop our technology package!

It’s exactly this embodiment of a tireless ‘why not?’ attitude and a passion for learning that takes Felicity way beyond her job ‘role’, which is one of the many reasons as to why she is so valuable to us. Her down-to-earth attitude and openness to bring others along on the journey with her is also a key theme. As is her kindness and empathy, even when facing tight deadlines.

In summary, Felicity has been doing some seriously great and inspiring work, and we’re excited to see what happens next! She brings her creativity, exceptional work ethic and seemingly endless well of knowledge to everything she does. And she’s a great chat 'down the pub' too. It's safe to say that the lab_ tribe is much stronger, happier and braver with her in it!

Here’s what some of her teammates had to say...

“Joined the lab_ and immediately began working her special magic across research and design. She's funny, outrageously clever, kind hearted and sitting next to me so I can't say any more just now!”

“I haven't worked with her directly, however from afar it seems as though she has been amazing on the projects she is working on! She is always great to chat with, becoming one of the team very quickly, and she seems to have a super tireless work ethic. WOO!”

“She has embraced her place as a researcher and continuously finds the best ways to bridge the knowledge between research and design, whilst trying to keep up with the vast amount of work she does.”

“Flick is a true embodiment of all of our values. She is smart and visionary and able to turn her hand to most things. She is a multi-skilled superstar - designer, design-researcher/strategist, AND a tech whizz.”

“She is passionate about BRINGING to the tribe, not just joining it for the fun parts. Always looking forward, and curious about the bigger vision and how she can help it.”



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