Most Valuable Player - June

By Katie Mitchelmore on 13 July 2018

Meet Siobhan, June's 'Most Valuable Player' (MVP) and the person responsible for looking after all of us Labbers!  

Having been with us for almost four years, Siobhan has been instrumental in some of the changes here at Spacelab and it goes without saying that we’d all be lost without her! She’s constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the already pretty wonderful culture that she’s created here, not to mention the legendary summer parties that she somehow pulls out the bag every year and exceed all of our already very high expectations!

Siobhan will be treated to a narrowboat training course to help her get one step closer to living her canal boat dream! Here's what a few of the voters had to say about Siobhan:

"She cares so much about the culture and the people and will do anything in her power to make each individual happy... She never stops and has massively contributed to making an amazing environment to work in."

"She tirelessly champions Spacelab, its values and the people that work here. A genuine reminder to us all of why we joined and the type of people we need to be here."

“So happy and kind all the time - inspirational!”

"The summer party was legendary, and her everyday presence makes work an invaluable place to be."

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