Meet Rachel - March's 'Most Valuable Player'

By Katie Mitchelmore on 1 April 2019

Meet March's 'Most Valuable Player'... the lovely Rachel!

As ever, the voting featured many deserving nominees, however it was Rachel’s eternal optimism, constant thirst for learning, and general loveliness that clinched her the title this month. Having only joined us late last year, there’s no doubt that Rachel is already an integral part of the Spacelab team, bringing her unfaltering work ethic, creativity, and top notch DJing / phone answering / dancing skills to The Lab, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s what some of the voters had to say!

“Dedication, positive attitude and work ethic are so commendable - a real valued member. So glad she is part of the Spacelab team!”

“Always so happy, smiley and willing to help, no matter how tight the deadline or how much work she has to do (not just this month, but every month!).”

“She is such a brilliant team player. She's always first to pick up the phone, help arrivals in the office and gets involved in all activities. She has also taken her fire marshall role on like a pro, giving all newcomers fire safety inductions so everyone is safe.”

“What a team player! So much fun to be around and tirelessly works towards creating the best design - what a role model!”

"Great DJ, plus she's a babe."

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