Meet Katie - November's 'Most Valuable Player'

By Tom Dobbins on 12 December 2018

Meet Katie, November’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ (MVP)!

With all the great projects completed in the past year, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of sensational designers when voting for MVP, all of whom truly deserve to win this prestigious honour. However, just like a tree falling in an empty forest, would anyone ever find these amazing designs if there was no one there to market them? In steps Katie Mitchelmore - our social media and marketing expert - whose tireless work in growing our brand has resulted in such awards as ‘FX Interior Design Practice of the Year’.

But our Katie’s much more than just a marketer. She is a versatile and essential member of our team, dishing out belly laughs and great advice in equal measure, joyfully distracting all those working around her. Need a blog post written on user testing culture? Katie’s your gal. Fancy a new Instagram post to show off a scheme? Katie’s got you covered. Need to organise a table of 34 Labbers with food and drink to the FX Awards? Yes, you guessed it, Katie will lend a hand.

Here's what a few of the voters had to say about Katie:

“Such a happy smiley person to have around the office.”

“No matter how busy with deadlines, she is always so cheerful,”

“Always so upbeat, seriously great work and amazing to grab a coffee with.”

“Katie works so hard 'behind the scenes' to shout about all of the great work that Spacelab does.”

“All the hard work she has been doing recently.  Like ALL the hard work. Awards, and Marketing, and all the stuff she does seemingly effortlessly in the background and she used Freya in a blogpost.  #Visionary!”

“She has done amazingly well organizing FX and submitting BCO, so hard working and incredible!! Deserves huge recognition!!”

“Works super hard in getting consistent content out that promotes our brand and gives us some great recognition industry wide! Also a swell person to have around the office.”

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