We opened our doors for Open House London 2015

By Hannah Mellow on 21 September 2015

On Saturday 19th September 2015, we opened up our office, ‘The Lab’, to the general public for Open House London. The space was buzzing from the moment we opened our doors until closing time, with people requesting entry late into the afternoon.

Guests watching presentation

In addition to a selection of teas, coffees and snacks, guests were treated to a presentation on Data driven workplace design by Director of Workplace Consultancy, Rosie Haslem. During the presentation, Rosie shared her top five insights* and brought these to life with real-life examples:

  1. The majority of contact in the workplace is unplanned
  2. Out of sight, out of mind: daily contact remains within the floor
  3. Most workplaces are very static
  4. People are not at their desks anywhere near as much as they think
  5. Meetings are always booked up? Not really

As an organisation we exemplify dynamic modes of working and our space serves as a showcase of this for all our visitors. Our office is enjoyed just as much by clients as it is by the team members who develop their own remarkable designs from within the space, and we were excited to share it with our Open House visitors too.

Photo of guests taking a tour

Guests were taken on a guided tour of The Lab by members of the Spacelab team and, in keeping with the theme of the presentation, we demonstrated how we used our unique workplace methodology to create a space that supports our business culture and potential for future growth. No corner was left un-analysed as we transformed the unprepossessing, two-storey commercial unit into a dynamic, open plan space with a choice of flexible working zones that support the varying needs of our staff.

“We left feeling totally inspired by how working and living spaces are evolving and changing to suit human beings in the modern world, with spacelab at the forefront of this.”

Marnie Rose, CEO, The Garden Classroom.

Watch this space for a bigger and better event next year!

*For deeper insights into Rosie’s presentation, see her article with Ros Pomeroy and Dr Kerstin Sailer on How evidence based design is reshaping the very world around us in Work&Place magazine.

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