Introducing 'Gradient', our design for the Mark Product Loop Chair

By Tom Dobbins on 28 May 2019
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Photo credit: Mark Product & Neal Megaw

As part of this year's Clerkenwell Design Week, we were asked by Mark Product to design our very own version of their Loop Chair. 

The idea for our design came from the name of the chair itself. Loop can be defined literally as a circular strip or band, but also holds several figurative interpretations. Our design team, consisting of Ellie Winter, Tom Dobbins and Gemma Mohajer, loved the loop’s simple form, and wanted a similarly simple concept that could allow for individual interpretation.

Building upon this concept, the team were further inspired by a visit to the Kvadrat showroom. Hung upon the showroom’s walls are reams of fabric, each varying in transparency, tactility and tone. When the lighter meshes overlapped the heavier textiles new fabrics were formed, and the team wanted to capture and reflect the playfulness of this in their design.

Envisioned as a chair where bands of fabric create an amalgamation of touch and colour, ‘Gradient’ celebrates the bold. As the fabric moves gently across the upholstery, slowly progressing through the official colours of this year's Clerkenwell Design Week, the threshold where one material ends and another begins starts to blur. This blurring speaks to the infinity of the loop, and in its conceptual simplicity lies its beauty.

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