We practice what we preach

By Katie Mitchelmore on 7 March 2018
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At Spacelab we have always challenged ideas and questioned the norm. We pride ourselves in being leaders in the field, putting people at the heart of everything we do. So when we came to redesign our office no corner was left unanalysed. We used our approach to understand our needs and translated them into a strategy to make the space work for us. The result is a fully agile, integrated and vibrant space that works for everyone and supports our people first culture.

So when we’re talking to clients about going agile, we’re not just claiming the benefits, we’re talking from experience. We’re doing it ourselves and can see first hand the advantages it has every single day, both for the team and for the business.

We’ve seen a huge increase in productivity, collaboration and creativity, with 95% of colleagues agreeing that the office contributes to a sense of community. It’s improved how we create, communicate and ultimately innovate.

This approach isn’t limited to the space we work in, it’s embedded into our culture. At Spacelab our culture has always been at the heart of what we do and as we are transitioning, embracing an entirely new approach to projects, our culture is evolving with it.

Click here to take a 360 degree tour of The Lab in action!

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