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Our Rosie Haslem 'highly commended' in the Blueprint Architecture Photography Awards

Posted 27 November 2019

Congratulations to our Rosie Haslem for having a photo ‘highly commended’ in the Blueprint Architecture Photography Awards - judged by the likes of Daniel Libeskind. Her photo captures ...

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Meet Felicity - October's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 7 November 2019

A big well done to last month’s MVP, Felicity!

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Starting out on our journey to becoming a B Corp

Posted 30 September 2019
Image credit: B Corp

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Getting totally wiped out for charity!

Posted 27 September 2019

If you’ve been following us for a while then you’ll know by now that we hold a suitably unique (some might say bonkers!) event every year, all with the aim to ...

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Meet Charlotte - August's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 25 September 2019

A big well done to last month’s MVP, Charlotte!

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Iris’ new London home featured in Mix Interiors

Posted 13 September 2019

Iris’ new London home featured in Mix Interiors!

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Joe Bosson awarded RIBA award for excellence with project 'wHoo cares'

Posted 6 September 2019

A big congratulations to our very own Joe Bosson, who has been awarded a prize for excellence from the Royal Institute of British Architects for his project titled ‘wHoo Cares’, as part of his ...

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Come and show your support at the lab_ Wipeout Charity Challenge!

Posted 5 September 2019

Just one week to go until the very first lab_ Wipeout Charity Challenge! 

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Toasting marshmallows, and another great year, at Lab Camp

Posted 21 August 2019

Every year we head off on our surprise summer party for a well-deserved break, and following on from the success of last year’s Lab Fest, it was back by popular demand for round two. ...

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Embedding culture through the design process

Posted 16 August 2019

We spend over a third of our waking hours at work. So it’s important that our workspaces are tailored to work for us, both in terms of aiding productivity and supporting our mental and physical ...

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Spacelab's Felicity discusses unlimited holiday on the BBC

Posted 16 August 2019

This week the BBC Business Daily chatted to Spacelab’s Felicity Tregonning to get her take on our unlimited paid holiday initiative and the benefits it’s had, including how it has helped improve ...

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Meet Trevor - July's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 16 August 2019

Introducing July’s MVP… Trevor! 

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'Cordelia's Story' shortlisted for an Archiboo Award

Posted 23 July 2019

We're thrilled that the very first film in our series #PuttingPeopleFirst has been shortlisted for an Archiboo Award in the 'Best use of video' category! 

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Introducing the inaugural Wipe Out Charity Challenge!

Posted 22 July 2019

Following the success of the Sports Quiz 2017 and Bingo Wings 2018, it’s time to introduce our charity event for 2019... 

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If only... there were community capsules to bring people together

Posted 19 July 2019

If only…there were community capsules that could bring people together. 

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Meet Harry - June's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 9 July 2019

Meet Harry, June’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ (MVP)!

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Meet Adam, our new Head of Digital Experience

Posted 5 July 2019

Over the last year or so, Virtual Reality (VR) has become a fundamental tool in our research and design process, and has completely changed how we work. The fully immersive and engaging nature of ...

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University of London featured in Mix’s annual public sector report

Posted 25 June 2019

This month’s Mix Interiors investigates the transformation that we’ve been seeing within the public sector, the driving force behind it, and the benefits that it’s been having on their people. As ...

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'Creatif Conversations' with Spacelab's Rosie Haslem

Posted 11 June 2019
Photo credit: Creatif 

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Meet Ashleigh - May's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 11 June 2019

Introducing May’s MVP… Ashleigh! 

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Spacelab's Greg Maya awarded Rogelio Salmona Fellowship

Posted 7 June 2019

We’re thrilled to announce that our very own Greg has been selected for the annual

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Spacelab's Amie Bosson named in Mix Interiors' '30 under 30'

Posted 22 May 2019

We're very proud to announce that our Amie Bosson has made Mix Interiors' annual ‘30 under 30’ list, which recognises the top rising stars within the ...

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Spacelab's Rosie Haslem talks evidence-based design with Dr Darragh O'Brien

Posted 21 May 2019

Can new data gathering tools help us to design better workplaces? Rosie Haslem, Director at Spacelab, joined Dr Darragh O'Brien, Founding Director of EBD Journal, to discuss our research ...

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A year of giving in numbers

Posted 16 May 2019

Over the last year, the team in The Lab have had the pleasure of getting involved with a number of meaningful experiences and helping out charity partners through the Lab Foundation. Whether it ...

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Boden's new home shortlisted for a Design Week Award

Posted 13 May 2019

We are thrilled to announce that our design for Boden's new home has been shortlisted for a Design Week Award in the 'Workplace interiors' ...

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Meet Robin - April's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 8 May 2019

Meet Robin, April’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ (MVP)!

Having been with Spacelab from the very beginning, it could be easy to take for granted what Rob brings to The Lab. Involved with the ...

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University of London's new workspace shortlisted for Mixology Award

Posted 7 May 2019

Our design for the University of London's new workspace in the historic Senate House has been shortlisted for 'Public Sector Interiors Project of the Year' ...

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Boden's new workplace wins a regional BCO award!

Posted 2 May 2019

We’re delighted that our design for Boden's new home has won a regional BCO Award in the 'Recycled / Refurbished Workplace' category! 

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Reducing stress in The Lab. Part 5: Perks and puppies

Posted 26 April 2019

In this five-part series we've been taking a look at how we've reduced stress here in The Lab. We've already discussed the positive impact that 

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Reducing stress in The Lab. Part 4: Limit emails

Posted 24 April 2019

In the first three blogs of this five-part series, we discussed the positive impact that finding your purpose, ...

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Reducing stress in The Lab. Part 3: Be honest

Posted 18 April 2019

We’ve already discussed the impact that knowing your purpose and having Read More

Reducing stress in The Lab. Part 2: Autonomy and freedom

Posted 17 April 2019

In this five-part series, we’re exploring the steps we’ve taken to reduce stress here in The Lab. We’ve already talked about the importance of Read More

Reducing stress in The Lab. Part 1: Find your purpose

Posted 15 April 2019

Studies show that we are 20% more productive when we’re happy at work. But with over 11 million days lost at work due to stress just within the UK - accounting for 40% of all sick days - sadly ...

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Meet Rachel - March's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 1 April 2019

Meet March's 'Most Valuable Player'... the lovely Rachel!

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?What If! - A space to inspire possibilities

Posted 14 March 2019

Progressive and forward thinking, global growth company ?What If! help transform ...

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Meet Claire - February's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 5 March 2019

Meet February's (incredibly deserving) 'Most Valuable Player'... Claire! 

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We talk uncapped leave, and its benefits, on the BBC

Posted 27 February 2019

In a recent BBC article, Rosie Haslem, Director at Spacelab, was asked to comment on Spacelab’s uncapped ...

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Iris - a dynamic space 'For the forward'

Posted 22 February 2019

Split across several floors, advertising agency Iris’ workplace no longer reflected their work or supported their team and culture. They needed a space to create a strong first impression on ...

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Teaming up to tackle homelessness

Posted 15 February 2019

Everyone deserves a safe place to call home, but sadly this is still far from reality.

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Boden's new home featured in Drapers

Posted 11 February 2019

We’re delighted to see that Boden’s transformed new home has been featured in Drapers, the leading news outlet for all fashion business. The article takes readers on a tour of the space, ...

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Meet Laurie - January's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 6 February 2019

Meet Laurie, January’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ (MVP)!

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Meet Selina - December's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 7 January 2019

There’s no denying that we have some truly amazing people here in The Lab (even if we do say so ourselves...). To celebrate this every month we all nominate one person from the team that has ...

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A BIG festive thank you

Posted 24 December 2018

Whilst Christmas, for most of us, is a magical time of year - a time for celebrating, for feasting and for sharing times with loved ones - sadly for far too many, this experience is far from ...

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A magical Lab Christmas

Posted 20 December 2018

After a successful (and fun!) 12 months here in The Lab, last week we reached that time of year again where we all put down our ...

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Meet Katie - November's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 12 December 2018

Meet Katie, November’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ (MVP)!

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Last chance to donate to our food bank!

Posted 10 December 2018

Christmas has officially landed at thelab_, and our #MiracleOnWenlockRoad campaign is in full swing!

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Spacelab named 'Interior Design Practice of the Year'!

Posted 29 November 2018

We’re so excited to have been named ‘Interior Design Practice of the Year’ in the FX Awards!

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VR – it's not the tool, it's the approach

Posted 26 November 2018

Virtual reality (VR) has been around in our sector for a while now. For some, it remains a fad and a distraction which will pass. For others, it’s a panacea which will cure all ills. So, ...

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The launch of 'Cordelia's Story' - #PuttingPeopleFirst

Posted 23 November 2018

The very first film in our series #PuttingPeopleFirst is now live! Titled ‘Cordelia’s Story’, the film follows Cordelia Masters, Buyer at Boden, gaining a unique and personal insight into the ...

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Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it's all about Giving Tuesday...

Posted 22 November 2018

As part of our #MiracleOnWenlockRoad campaign we’re hosting a ...

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Miracle on Wenlock Road...

Posted 16 November 2018

Christmas, for most of us, is a magical time of year. A time for celebrating, for feasting and for sharing good times with loved ones. And whatever stresses we face, once a ...

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Food for thought...

Posted 9 November 2018

1 in 5 of the UK population live below the poverty line, a fact that doesn’t show signs of improving quickly.

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Meet Sophie - October's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 7 November 2018

Meet Sophie, October’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ (MVP)!

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Meet Kim - September's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 15 October 2018

Meet Kim, September’s ‘Most Valuable Player’!

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What role can space play in ending homelessness?

Posted 12 October 2018

Everyone should have a space to live, a place to call home, somewhere you are safe. Sadly in Great Britain this is far from reality, with over 236,000 experiencing ...

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University of London's new workspace featured in University Business magazine

Posted 17 September 2018

How can spatial design help improve collaboration, motivation and productivity within workspaces of universities? University Business magazine spoke to our founding ...

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Bringing people together for our annual Charity Golf Day

Posted 14 September 2018

Last week we were joined by some of our good friends and partners for our annual charity golf day. With the sun shining down on ...

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Meet Joe - August's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 14 September 2018

Meet Joe, August’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ (MVP)!

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Winging it for charity

Posted 24 August 2018

We believe that when people come together great things can happen. 

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Spacelab's Joe competes for Great Britain!

Posted 20 August 2018

Here in The Lab we have some pretty talented people, who not only thrive at work but also accomplish some spectacular achievements outside of work too. And this ...

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Why we don’t email out of hours

Posted 13 August 2018

At Spacelab we have always put people first. Not only evident in our approach to designing spaces for the people using them, ...

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Meet Gemma - July's 'Most Valuable Player'

Posted 7 August 2018

Meet Gemma, July’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ (MVP)!

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Putting people first at 'Glorious Goodwood'

Posted 3 August 2018

This week saw Qatar Goodwood Festival, popularly referred to as ‘Glorious Goodwood’, get underway.

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Do personality types matter when designing a workplace?

Posted 1 August 2018

Our development into the world of virtual technology has provided our designers with tools to create and experience spaces like never before. It’s also enabled us ...

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Most Valuable Player - June

Posted 13 July 2018

Meet Siobhan, June's 'Most Valuable Player' (MVP) and the person responsible for looking after all of us Labbers!  

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Spacelab nominated for 'Interior Design Practice of the Year' in FX Awards

Posted 11 July 2018

We are very excited to announce that Spacelab have been nominated for 'Interior Design Practice of the year' in this years' FX awards! 

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Boden shortlisted for AJ Retrofit Award

Posted 9 July 2018

We are thrilled to announce that our new design for Boden's head office has been shortlisted for this years' AJ Retrofit Awards!

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Our very first 'Lab Fest'

Posted 5 July 2018

Every year we head off on our annual surprise summer party for a well-deserved break. This year the party was a little different... With the festival season just ...

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The Lab Foundation are now inspiring future generations

Posted 19 June 2018

We are all unique and ever-evolving, and the way we learn needs to compliment that. Learning is a lifelong adventure, an ever-changing ...

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Virgin Care Private opens first Health and Wellbeing Clinic

Posted 15 June 2018

Virgin Care Private have opened their first pay-as-you-go Health and Wellbeing Clinic in Birmingham city centre, ...

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Most Valuable Player - May

Posted 6 June 2018

Meet Tom, May's 'Most Valuable Player' (MVP)!  

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Spacelab's Sanel Durmus listed as one of Mix Interiors' '30 under 30'

Posted 21 May 2018

Spacelab are incredibly proud to announce that our Sanel Durmus has made Mix Interiors' annual ‘30 under 30’ list, which recognises the top rising stars within the ...

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Most Valuable Player - April

Posted 1 May 2018

Introducing Nathalia, April's 'Most Valuable Player' (MVP)! 

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Spacelab win BCO Award for ASOS Contact Centre

Posted 27 April 2018
Photo credit: Sirastudio 

We’re delighted that our new contact centre for ASOS has just won a regional ...

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How we're minimising our impact on the environment

Posted 22 April 2018

We’ve always been driven by our purpose to make the world an even better place through whatever means we can, and as such our team of passionate Labbers are ...

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Why we give our team unlimited paid holiday

Posted 12 April 2018

Here at Spacelab people have always been, and always will be, at the heart of everything we do. Our people first approach isn’t just limited to our clients, ...

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Most Valuable Player - March

Posted 4 April 2018

Introducing Judith, March's 'Most Valuable Player'! 

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Spacelab's Rosie Haslem featured in the Bene Future of Work Report

Posted 9 March 2018

Spacelab’s Rosie Haslem recently joined other industry experts at a round table discussion run by Bene, on what the future of ...

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We practice what we preach

Posted 7 March 2018

Click here to take a 360 degree tour of The Lab in action.

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Goodwood March Grandstand Design 

Posted 2 March 2018

Having previously designed the new Press Box for Goodwood Racecourse Spacelab were approached to redesign the March Grandstand ...

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Spacelab now: we've been transitioning...

Posted 12 February 2018

The world is changing ...

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Christmas blog 2017

Posted 8 December 2017

Happy December from all of us at Spacelab!

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Spacelab is 'Sacking Secret Santa'

Posted 4 December 2017

 Why we're #sackingsecretsanta this year.

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The HR Distinction Awards have shortlisted us for designing workplaces that empower people

Posted November 17, 2017

We’re excited to announce that our commitment to empowering people has been recognised by the HR Distinction Awards. We’ve been shortlisted for the category, ‘Supplier-Led HR Innovation and ...

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Space Syntax Turner Prize 2017 winner announced

Posted 8 November 2017

The Bartlett School of Architecture MSc student, Lorena Espaillat Bencosme, is the winner of this year's Spacelab-sponsored Space Syntax Turner Prize for outstanding student research.

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Celebrating design

Posted 3 November 2017

We're celebrating design with a #throwback post to September. It didn't just mark the start of autumn, it was a month where we visited Open House London, London Design Festival, ...

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Create space to combat mental health at work

Posted October 26, 2017

The Thriving at Work report, commissioned by the UK government, was launched today (26th October 2017) with some significant findings on mental health in the workplace. The report shows that ...

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Competing for Archichef London 2017

Posted October 26, 2017

On Wednesday 25th October, for one night only, we put our food-design skills to the ultimate test – competing against five architecture practices for the prestigious 'Archichef London 2017' ...

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UK productivity may be down but you don’t have to be

Posted 17 October 2017

On Friday 6th October, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) published the quarterly Labour Productivity bulletin for the UK labour market. Productivity, as measured by output per hour, is ...

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What’s a Spacelab ‘Sports Week’ all about?

Posted October 12, 2017

Last week, from 2nd to 8th October, was the second annual Spacelab ‘Sports Week’. Over the course of the ...

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Talking evidence-based design with RPC

Posted October 5, 2017

On Friday 22nd September, our founding partner, Nathan Lonsdale, and long-standing Spacelab client Mayur Patel, Facilities Director at law firm 

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Working with other architects: Squire & Partners’ new workplace is featured in Architecture Today

Posted October 2, 2017

Architecture Today features Squire & Partners’ new workplace, The Department Store. We conducted an in-depth piece of workplace consultancy on the architectural practice to advise the firm on ...

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We're raising money for Bone Cancer Research Trust and Children and the Arts

Posted September 28, 2017

October isn't just a time for all of the leaves to fall off of the trees and to dress up in costumes to trick our neighbours into giving us sweets. For Spacelab, it's a time for us to get sporty ...

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Golf with a 15th birthday twist

Posted September 27, 2017

On Friday 15th September we gathered at Sundridge Park Golf Course for our annual golf day. But ...

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On site at University of London

Posted September 6, 2017

We're working with the University of London to help re-envisage the function of their home in the Grade II* Listed Senate House. 

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On site at ASOS’s London office

Posted September 1, 2017

We’re working with ASOS to wrap space around their business strategy by supporting them to remain in their current workplace – a 1920s tobacco factory in north London.

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Mix Interiors interviews Rosie Haslem on the 'death of the desk'

Posted August 11, 2017

Mix Interiors magazine asks our Rosie Haslem if we're approaching the 'death of the desk'. Here's what she had to say.

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Nathan Lonsdale talks spatial design with University Business magazine

Posted August 11, 2017

University Business magazine were investigating why it's important for universities to invest in the design of their non-teaching spaces and they turned to our founding partner, Nathan Lonsdale, ...

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Your office isn’t what you think. Part three: space to grow.

Posted 21 July 2017

In the first part of this three-blog series, we exposed the misconception that people need to have their own desk at work. In the second part, we unveiled the real reasons why people think they ...

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Your office isn’t what you think. Part two: meeting rooms.

Posted 14 July 2017

In the first part of this three-blog series, we exposed the misconception that people need to have their own desk at work. In this part, we’ve used the same data – having surveyed over 14,000 ...

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Your office isn’t what you think. A three-part series.

Posted 4 July 2017

How people think they use their workspace rarely aligns with how they actually use it. In many businesses, shared facilities lie vacant for days while people complain that there isn’t enough ...

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It's our 15th birthday!

Posted 9 June 2017

On 10th June, exactly 15 years ago, Nathan Lonsdale and Andrew Budgen started a company that would go on to revolutionise the way people understand and use space. That company is ...

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Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

Posted 30 May 2017

One of the key annual events in the Spacelab calendar, Clerkenwell Design Week, took place between the 22nd and 25th May 2017. Here are some of our highlights in pictures.

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How to unlock your space and empower your people

Posted 19 May 2017

Space plays a bigger role in the delivery of your business strategy and culture than you might think.

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Our 15 favourite memories at Spacelab

Posted 15 May 2017

It's the 15th of the month and as part of our 15th birthday celebrations we've asked everyone in the team for their favourite memories from their time at Spacelab.

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Michael Beach is listed in Mix Interiors magazine's 30 under 30

Posted May 12, 2017

Mix Interiors magazine have released this year's hotlist of 30 designers under 30 and our Michael Beach is featured on it!

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Spacelab takes over April's edition of Mix Interiors magazine

Posted April 21, 2017

This month Spacelab have taken over the April edition of Mix Interiors magazine with the design of the logo for the front cover and a six-page feature on our 15th anniversary.

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Our 15 highlights from Milan Design Week 2017

Posted 15 April 2017

Milan Design Week took place last week (4th-9th April). The city was transformed into a canvas of colour and creativity – premiering the latest trends in design. Our interior designers, ...

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How do our brains navigate through a space?

Posted 3 April 2017

Over the last 11 years at Spacelab, our focus has gone beyond the aesthetics of buildings and spaces to understanding their deeper structure and impact on the way they’re used in daily life. We ...

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How can we improve productivity? Spacelab tell the Parliamentary Design Commission how...

Posted 30 March 2017

We all interact with the buildings and spaces each and every day but these are only on the fringes of government policy. The ‘People and places: design of the built environment and behaviour’ ...

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Our 15 design predictions for the next 15 years

Posted 15 March 2017

It's the 15th of the month and as part of our 15th birthday celebrations we've asked 15 people in our interiors team to share their top design predictions for the next 15 ...

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We're celebrating our team for international women’s day

Posted 8 March 2017

With women making up 69% of our total team (up from 62% in December 2015), international women’s day is the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate all of the women shaping Spacelab, our clients’ ...

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Meet us at MIPIM

Posted March 7, 2017

Some of our team, Andrew Budgen, Kara Wood, Nathan Lonsdale, Robin Lonsdale and Rosie Haslem will be at MIPIM 2017.

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The start of our 15th anniversary celebrations

Posted 3 March 2017

On Thursday 16th February we ‘kicked off’ our 15th anniversary celebrations with some of our key partners from over the years.

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OnOffice launched their Power List 2016 and we're in it!

Posted December 20, 2016

Our Director of Workplace Consultancy has been listed as one of the most influential people within the industry by OnOffice Magazine.

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Virgin Money Chester is featured in The Chester Chronicle

Posted February 22, 2016

Spacelab’s latest office design for Virgin Money’s credit card team in Chester has been featured in The Chester Chronicle.

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FX Magazine features Virgin Money's new space

Posted January 27, 2016

Virgin Money's new lounge at Haymarket, London is featured in FX Magazine.

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The Lab is featured in The Other Office 2

Posted January 6, 2016

"Spacelab’s aim for designing the firm’s own new workplace was to realise a creative hub that can showcase its unique evidence-based approach."

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Mix Interiors October 2015

Posted January 4, 2016

"Integrating the softer, more relaxed setting and aesthetic of cafés, bars, restaurants and hotel lobbies creates environments that support and encourage interaction, and provide a comfortable, ...

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Ros Pomeroy discusses wellbeing in the workplace with FX Magazine

Posted November 9, 2015

Our Research Director Ros Pomeroy was invited to discuss wellbeing in the workspace with FX Magazine. Access the full article

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Spacelab's first golf day

Posted September 14, 2015

On 11 September 2015, Spacelab's first golf day got off to a flying start as staff, clients and suppliers tee-med up for a day of healthy competition and networking.

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Spacelab complete interior scheme for mcgarrybowen

Posted August 18, 2015

After acquiring 8,000sq.ft in the iconic Grade II listed Heal's building on Tottenham Court Road, advertising agency mcgarrybowen turned to us to design and implement their interior scheme in just ...

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Spacelab completes new Press Box for Goodwood Racecourse

Posted August 12, 2015

Spacelab were tasked to design a new Press Box for Goodwood Racecourse. The new space needed to house up to 130 journalists on key race days and be used flexibly as workspace and events throughout ...

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Spacelab Completes New Office Fit Out for Mergermarket

Posted May 29, 2015

Mergermarket’s relocation of their 350 staff from Pearson PLC was an opportunity for them to create an office to reflect their five brands and suit the ambitions of the growing financial ...

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Spacelab Shortlisted for Mixology Design Practice of the Year

Posted May 27, 2015

Spacelab are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for Design Practice of the Year in the Mix Interiors magazine Mixology awards. The award celebrates the highest levels of quality, ...

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RIBA London Open Studios

Posted April 28, 2015

During the upcoming RIBA London Open Studios, part of the

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The office: The New Generation

Posted December 8, 2014

"Workplace layouts can support business goals such as creativity and collaboration", says Kerstin Sailer, our evidence-based design expert, in an interview with British Airways Business ...

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We have won the Interiors Architect of the Year Award!

Posted December 3, 2014

The judges commented on our win:

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Welcome to our Spacelab Advent Blog

Posted December 1, 2014

We’re already feeling festive here at Spacelab and getting into the Christmas spirit with an advent blog, where we’ll be sharing our days leading up to Christmas with you. Every day you’ll find ...

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We are Architect of the Year Awards 2014 Finalists!

Posted November 25, 2014

Now one of the UK’s largest gatherings of architects, the Architect of the Year Awards return for its 11th year and we are thrilled to have been shortlisted for 

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Spacelab are leading the way...

Posted February 20, 2014

Incisive Media’s recently ...

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Spacelab shortlisted for refurbishment of RIBA's new home

Posted November 14, 2013

Spacelab are proud to have been shortlisted for the refurbishment of the RIBA's new home.

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Spacelab is featured in The Sunday Times

Posted September 18, 2013

On the 15th September 2013, our three-story extension of Highgate House was featured in the Sunday Times weekend property supplement's focus on home renovations.

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Spacelab appear of ITV's This Morning

Posted June 7, 2013

Spacelab appeared on ITV's This Morning this week, alongside Diarmuid Gavin to explain the story behind our Friend's Garden on the rooftop of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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Queen's Road submitted for planning

Posted June 7, 2013

Spacelab submitted our scheme at Queen's Road in Peckham for planning this week.

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