Why we give our team unlimited paid holiday

By Katie Mitchelmore on 12 April 2018

Here at Spacelab people have always been, and always will be, at the heart of everything we do. Our people first approach isn’t just limited to our clients, but is fully embedded into the Spacelab culture. It’s what defines our purpose and drives every decision and direction we take as a business. So it goes without saying that we want to empower our team be the best that they can be, not just at work but in their life as a whole, and we’re constantly looking for ways to enable this.

Our five core values; real, dynamic, together, visionary and smart; were all developed with this in mind to help guide us towards this common goal. We realise that our team are all adults and as such are capable of managing their own workloads whilst continuing to meet the high standards that Spacelab is recognised for. This helped establish the ‘real’ value. We also believe that applying strict limits in the workplace restricts productivity and rarely results in the best output.

So early last year Siobhan, Spacelab’s head of People and Culture, started thinking, if constantly aim to apply these beliefs and values to our approach to work, why do we apply strict limits to holiday leave? Uncapped paid leave is really just an extension of our core values and already existing approach to work and culture. It allows people the flexibility to take time off as and when it’s needed, without limitations or the fear of running out of leave allowance.

“I think it’s fantastic how flexible we can be with our time and really believe it’s needed in the industry we work in.”

- Quote taken from an anonymous survey taken by the team about our unlimited holiday policy 

So how does it work? Every member of the team retains their statutory leave plus bank holidays, but as of early last year they are now entitled to take additional days off without limit or the need for formal approval. Just as we trust our Labbers to manage their own time and workload when it comes normal working days, the same goes for holiday approval.

By allowing our team unlimited and unrestricted opportunities to get out of The Lab it enables them to relax and recharge when needed, helping achieve a better work-life balance and, we believe, results in a happier team.

“I feel having the freedom and trust to not have to count holidays allows for happier employees; making sure everyone is staying focused on their work but also means no one is burnt out and overworked.”

“I really appreciate that Spacelab have implemented as it allows me to spend valued time with my family as well as be able to take a day off here and there to refocus and recharge my mind to ultimately allow me to perform better at work and be an overall happier person.”

Team holiday collage 2Photos taken by Spacelab's Tom, Katie, Ellie, Nicki and Katherine

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