Joe Bosson awarded RIBA award for excellence with project 'wHoo cares'

By Joe Bosson on 6 September 2019
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A big congratulations to our very own Joe Bosson, who has been awarded a prize for excellence from the Royal Institute of British Architects for his project titled ‘wHoo Cares’, as part of his Part 2 at Kent University.

Joe explains more about the project and the concept behind it. 

“‘wHoo Cares’ is a community resource that reacts to the current social stigmas relating to mental health issues whilst attempting to combat localised issues on the Hoo, such as a lack of community/health facilities, alongside high levels of social isolation.

The current health and wellbeing system has become the result of a reaction typology. When there is a problem, we seek help. However, my project is where I see the future of community resources. In a world where mental health issues are so prominent, my scheme looks to normalise therapy into modern society and use increased social interaction to create a sustainable community.

At the centre of the ‘wHoo Cares’ community is a new type of ‘mental health facility’, open to be experienced by all. The empathy led design mimics the principles of exposure therapy and biophilic design (healing through nature), to become an extension of therapy. Along a journey to a place of better wellbeing, a variation of internal and external spaces aim to evoke certain emotions, aiding the therapeutic process.

The wider community facilities also look to incorporate these therapeutic principles, whilst maintaining a playful and engaging architectural language. Looking to welcome a broad demographic of people, combining the wider community facilities alongside the therapeutic meeting spaces, becomes fundamental to opening.”

Click here to find out more about the project.

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