Introducing the inaugural Wipe Out Charity Challenge!

By Sami Hamilton on 22 July 2019
the lab_ wipeout charity challenge

Following the success of the Sports Quiz 2017 and Bingo Wings 2018, it’s time to introduce our charity event for 2019... 

the lab_ Wipe Out Charity Challenge

Imagine, the TV shows It's a Knockout, Total Wipeout and Gladiators all combined with a sprinkling of the lab_’s unique event magic, and you’ve got it!

On Thursday 12 September 2019, we will be hosting the inaugural lab_ Wipe Out Charity Challenge at Chiswick Sports Ground, run by our Community Interest Company, the lab foundation.

At the lab_ we give 10% of our profits to the lab foundation. Through this we give back; be it through time, pro bono work or by helping to raise money for causes that we are passionate about supporting. 

We are so pleased, through this particular event, to support Promise in Store, a young social enterprise that sells beautiful gifts designed, produced and packaged by people with learning difficulties, disabilities or life challenges. Providing educational, training and employment opportunities for people whose pathways to employment are often limited, and sadly for many, do not exist at all. 

Clay is such an accessible and inclusive material to work with. No matter of age or ability, individuals are always able to create something unique. This makes clay such a fantastic medium for people with learning difficulties or disabilities to work with. However traditional equipment, such as potters wheels, need to be adjustable to cater for the complex needs of the individual crafters so that they can be free to create their beautiful designs.    

Through the event we are aiming to raise enough money to provide Promise in Store with the equipment and materials they need to make their beautifully crafted designs, including an adjustable Potters Wheel.  

Want to get involved? 

£340 Bring a team of four and we’ll pair you up with another team of four 

£600 Bring a team of eight to take on the challenge

Or could you donate a prize to our raffle or silent auction? 

the lab_ Wipe Out Charity Challenge is kindly sponsored by BW, Formation Lighting, Rame Consulting, Tsunami Axis and Seven Partnership.

If you’re interested in getting involved, or would like to know more, contact Sami at for more details.   

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