'Ugly building, nice clothes'

Clothing retailer Boden’s head office no longer supported their needs or their brand, and they originally thought that their only option was to relocate to a new home. Working closely with the client, we developed a detailed picture of their needs to help them with their search. However after extensive analysis of potential new locations, as well as their existing office, we discovered an opportunity for them to stay put and retrofit Boden House.


The existing office space, where teams were previously segregated across six floors, has been extended into a large warehouse space at the rear to create one open, buzzing workplace, where all the teams are now visible.


Mezzanine levels have been added to the previous warehouse space, wrapping around a central, triple-height atrium which houses the social hub - the heart of the space and business. Tiered amphitheatre seating links the social hub to the other floors, whilst providing ample social and meeting space for the whole business to come together within minutes for events and presentations, helping the team feel more together and boosting team morale.


Based on data gathered through our workplace consultancy the client have adopted a more agile way of working, moving away from a focus on ‘the desk’. A variety of different types of workpoints to suit the varying tasks required by teams have been created - spaces for collaboration in creative design hubs, break-out spaces, touch-down benches, quiet rooms, booths and bookable meeting rooms of varying size.


The building’s exterior has also been transformed into a modernist icon, with external walls painted white and new windows framed in black.


With one team member stating ‘this building has changed my life’, this project is a great example of how space can have a huge impact on both mental and physical wellbeing, helping people feel more together and connected to the wider brand.

"Having originally engaged them for a workplace study, we subsequently appointed them as architects and interior designers for the project. I sleep better at night knowing Spacelab are on the team!"

Robin Howard, People Director






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