Working with other architects: Squire & Partners’ new workplace is featured in Architecture Today

By Hannah Mellow on October 2, 2017

Architecture Today features Squire & Partners’ new workplace, The Department Store. We conducted an in-depth piece of workplace consultancy on the architectural practice to advise the firm on how their new space – in a former Edwardian department store – could meet the needs of their people and the future vision of the business.

Here’s a snippet from the Architecture Today feature:

‘The desire to foster communication between teams also prompted the designers (working with consultant Spacelab) to use digital modelling to anticipate areas of low traffic, and eliminate them through the location of printers, for example. “We work so much by instinct and experience that we thought it would be good to cross-check that with what science could tell us”, says Gledstone.’

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Topics: workplace consultancy, architecture today, squire & partners, science