Talking evidence-based design with RPC

By Hannah Mellow on October 5, 2017

On Friday 22nd September, our founding partner, Nathan Lonsdale, and long-standing Spacelab client Mayur Patel, Facilities Director at law firm RPC, discussed evidence-based design and how to make the best use of space with Overbury’s FM Club over lunch. Here are some of their insights and tips for Facilities Managers.

Ask the right questions

Before planning a new office space, you need to:

Understand where your business is going.
Understand how you use your space now.
Understand the opportunities of your space.

Your space is an opportunity

From Spacelab’s experience of working with more than 50 businesses and engaging more than 35,000 employees in the last five years, we know, for example, that workplaces are never more than 67% full. Equipped with real data, you can capitalise on the opportunities presented by your space and, in turn, future proof your workplace.


The evidence-based difference

Each business has a different set of goals and people with varying roles and needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ workplace. For Haymarket Media Group, success meant reducing the amount of space required, while also creating a more open and collaborative culture. Our post-occupancy evaluation of their new space, 18 months after they moved in, revealed that we increased collaboration between colleagues from different departments by 27% and reduced overall dependency on meeting rooms by 48%. An evidence-based approach can help you to define, and measure, what a successful workplace looks like for your business. 

The RPC story

Mayur shared the RPC story, which included a series of events over the past 11 years (including changes in workplace trends and advances in technology) that led him to move a traditional law firm from a cellular-office culture to an open-plan environment. RPC now has 26,099sqft less than it did in 2006 and has one of the lowest rents per fee earner in the industry (ranking 49th out of 50 for legal workplace rent per fee earner in the UK and internationally).

What is the Overbury FM Club?

The Overbury FM Club is an exclusive forum for facilities managers to network, share knowledge and join discussions on the latest issues in a non-sales environment. Members also get access to a range of guest speakers, providing insightful advice and the latest thinking on new workplace trends and technologies that impact facilities management.

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