Spacelab are leading the way...

By Hannah Mellow on February 20, 2014

Incisive Media’s recently cited removal of all desk phones comes as only part of a much bigger change to the workspace itself, one that Spacelab has played a major role in. Back in late 2012, when Incisive Media were looking to reduce their net internal area by 35% to 40,000 sqft whilst at the same time transforming their workspace to better suit the company and its 600+ employees, we embarked on an extensive workplace study.  Using the evidence gathered we were able to demonstrate how the new space could be designed to support a flexible non-allocated desk strategy. This represented a major cultural shift for the business that needed new mobile technology to support it, but one that was consistent with the client’s desire to break down barriers and facilitate greater collaboration. An in depth process involving interviewing all departmental heads, made sure that all parts of the business were involved in and bought into the concept. We also used spatial analysis software to model the intrinsic characteristics of the new space so that a highly accessible central space could be identified to become an informal meeting zone and focal point for unplanned interaction and collaboration. The masterplan we created for them formed the basis of the detailed design, which we also delivered, leading to final completion of the new office space earlier this month.

Topics: workplace, people, incisive media, spacelab, data driven design, architecture