Mix Interiors interviews Rosie Haslem on the 'death of the desk'

By Hannah Mellow on August 11, 2017

Mix Interiors magazine asks our Rosie Haslem if we're approaching the 'death of the desk'. Here's what she had to say.

People’s work days are becoming increasingly diverse, meaning we're no longer glued to our desks. The workplace needs to adapt to support and reflect these changes. The need for a fixed desk is in decline but the need for the desk itself isn't redundant – not just yet.

"Of course, certain tasks may still be best performed individually, at a screen on a flat surface, so a ‘desk-style’ set up won’t ever die, but it will need to be complemented by other types of work point, which can better accommodate other tasks."

Rosie Haslem, Director

Read the article in Mix Interiors magazine here.

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