Nathan Lonsdale talks spatial design with University Business magazine

By Hannah Mellow on August 11, 2017

University Business magazine were investigating why it's important for universities to invest in the design of their non-teaching spaces and they turned to our founding partner, Nathan Lonsdale, to share Spacelab's experience in this area.

Traditionally universities have non-teaching spaces set up in separate silos or offices for different departments. The downside is that here, staff are not working together, whereas they should be helping the university to function better."

Nathan Lonsdale, Partner, Spacelab

Spatial design can be used to ensure that workspaces accommodate people's different working styles and roles effectively. Bringing people together to collaborate in a space where they can move more freely can bring about a change in behaviours and result in a more effective working environment.

"We think it’s really important to provide space that allows everyone to tailor their activity. Rather than us dictate how someone works, there is flexibility which allows them to tailor their workspace themselves which is really empowering".

Nathan Lonsdale, Partner, Spacelab

Read the full article in the University Business magazine here.

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