Our story

An idea in the minds of two architects. A name inspired by a love of electronic music. And a common ambition to revolutionise the way people use space. Spacelab was born in 2002.

Our founders Andrew and Nathan met at university. Different tastes, different personalities but a shared belief that social science and architectural creativity could and should complement and strengthen each other. Each was determined to build a new kind of architecture on that belief. 

A unique blend of vision, creativity and evidence-based design has seen Spacelab go from strength to strength. There are now 40 of us – architects, designers, researchers, accountants and marketers – working together to create spaces that make people feel good and be great.

Meet the team.

“I really believe architecture is absolutely fundamental to people’s wellbeing. Why shouldn't it revolve around the people, instead of an architect’s ego?”

Nathan Lonsdale,
Founding Partner

Our academic partnership

A long-term relationship with UCL.

Sharing knowledge

Andrew and Nathan set up Spacelab with a view to change the design process to focus on people’s needs. This hadn’t been done before, so they needed to pioneer a new process. They approached Alan Penn, Dean of the Bartlett, UCL and the first Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) was formed. This led to the development of our workplace consultancy methodology.

A second KTP soon followed in 2013 and this successful partnership resulted in the development of the app we use to gather data as a part of our observation studies.

"It's rather like having an MRI before surgery – you should expect your architect to have done a detailed examination before they start work."

Alan Penn, Dean of The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

The Lab Foundation

Giving back to the community.

Shaping communities

Why can't all people feel valued in the same way, whether they live in affordable housing or luxury flats? Why can't prisons rehabilitate? Why can't hospitals be hospitable?

We believe they can, and that space is a powerful tool for making that happen.

We started The Lab Foundation to have an impact on the greater good. We donate 10% of our profits – in time and skills as well as cash – to projects that strive to empower individuals and communities within the arts, housing, education and social welfare. Slowly but surely, we're showing that carefully considered, well designed and beautiful spaces really can make a difference.

"Space has an impact on people. Let's use it to make people feel good and be great."

Andrew Budgen, Founding Partner


Achieving the highest accolades.

News and insights

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