Meet the team: Tom

October 29, 2021


Nothing we do would be possible without our wonderful team. So we’re putting the spotlight on them in our series of ‘meet the team’ articles, helping you all get to know each and every person who makes spacelab_ what it is. And next up is Tom.

Tom joined us earlier this year as a part II architect and has been spreading his magic across everything he does ever since. With his creative eye, love of a challenge, and general Revit wizardry, Tom settled into the lab_ family in no time, always there to offer a helping hand to anyone and everyone while solving all of our technical conundrums. Beyond his wonderful design and architecture talents, he’s also a keen athlete, and can be regularly spotted running, cycling or even kayaking around London with what he describes as ‘an unhealthy obsession’ with Strava. And if he’s not whizzing around doing some form of physical activity he’ll probably be scrolling the classifieds for yet another bike.

We asked Tom a few questions to help you all get to know him a bit better.

What inspires you?

Constraints, because they create the greatest environment for creative problem solving. Plus I like a challenge!

What would your ideal project be?

A project where sustainability is a value that the client genuinely believes in, and doesn’t see it as a box ticking exercise.

If you could change one thing within the industry what would it be?

I would like to better integrate professional experience into architecture programs at university. There is a big debate about how universities are expected to prepare students for working in the profession, with differing expectations of a graduate’s skill-set and abilities. I think that there is an argument for making practice placements mandatory during undergraduate studies, manifesting as a summer or semester long placement as part of the curriculum. This would help students develop their professional skills prior to graduating, and boost employers confidence in their search for prospective candidates.

What is one thing that you’ve enjoyed about lockdown that you want to take with you going forward?

Making the most of being outside, particularly when we were only allowed out for 1 hour a day. Having graduated in the first quarter of the pandemic, I went from studying inside everyday to suddenly having nothing to do. I found it liberating being outside so I made an effort to occupy the whole hour out of the house, and I ended up developing a habit of running every day. Now my habit is getting out of hand thanks to an unhealthy obsession with Strava! I make a point of getting out and being active everyday, and I feel all the better for it.

What’s one thing you are looking forward to with your return to the lab_?

Considering that I’m in every day, I’d say getting to come in again tomorrow!